Oral History Conference, Guwahati [13 & 14 Nov 2017]


The Oral History Association of India is pleased to announce its third Oral History Conference on 13th and 14th November, 2017 in collaboration with the Department of History, Gauhati University.

“Public Memory and Oral History”

Venue: Gauhati University Campus, Guwahati, Assam, India 

The Oral History Association of India and the Department of History, Gauhati University are organizing a National Conference on Public Memory and Oral History  at Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam (India) on November 13-14, 2017. Abstracts/papers are invited for the Conference, the details of which are stated below: 

The theme of the conference addresses the growing interest in the study of the relationship between public memory and oral history. The ways in which individuals and societies choose to remember, or forget, moments and events in history through ‘sites’ of public memory such as memorials, museums, monuments, films and public speeches, is often highly contested. The narration of the past, the preservation and loss of collective memories is clearly a matter of ideology and power which has implications for contemporary issues such as ethnicity, class, gender and religion. Oral history as a subject and technique interprets how memory affects impressions of the past. If traditional history is produced by those in power, oral history by contrast can be seen as repository of knowledge for ‘people without history’. No memory is possible outside the frameworks used by people living in society to determine and retrieve their recollection. As a product of social change, public memory looks beyond the State to understand how individual perspectives in history build collective memory focusing on the broader cultural meanings of oral history narratives.

 Sub – themes:

Participants who want to present papers must give the following details on the cover page of the Abstracts/Papers :

The length of the Abstract submitted must be 200-300 words and must include 4-6 keywords at the end.

The Full Papers must be limited to 3500-5000 words, excluding endnotes.

Abstracts/papers may be sent to:



 Important dates :

Last date for submission of Abstracts          :  7 September 2017

Last date for submission of Full Papers       :   7 October 2017

Last date of Registration                                 :   30 October 2017

Registration fee* for the Conference :

Individual OHAI Members: Rs. 1500/-

Individual Non-members: Rs 2000/-

Student OHAI Members: Rs. 800/-

Student Non-member: Rs. 1000/-

* Registration fee includes cost of Conference kit, lunch and tea during the days of the Conference.

For any further queries please address them to Rajib Handique  rajibhandique@gmail.com.